February 11, 2018

Snow bunnies, circus week, color changing project.

February 7, 2018



  Happy New Year!




Upon returning from winter break, we began the new year by asking the kindergartners what they would like to do, or what they were looking forward to in 2018.  Many of their responses began with “play” - just the way it should be for a 5 or 6 year old.  Play with my beanie boos (Brynley); play in the snow (Yumi and Musa); play with my brother (Tasneem and Eva); play kitties (Ashley); play with panda (Karis).  Abraham looks forward to going to a hockey game; JoJo looks forward to going to the beach on vacation; Brandon would like to skate; Olivia looks forward to having new clothes; Sophie is looking forward to swimming, and Lincoln looks forward to skiing and celebrating his birthday. 


Due to a significant snow event, school was closed for 2 days during our first week back.  Before the school closing, the kids made a snow bunny complete with a fluffy tail.


Art projects during our circus unit included clowns, seals balancing balls and dancing elephants.  If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss and Circus Caps for Sale by E. Slobodkind were both good stories to complement the unit, and highlight the greatest show on earth.


Science experiments were introduced by demonstrating an experiment called Color Changing Carnations and Roses.  We started the activity by explaining how most plants “drink” water from the ground through their roots.  When a flower is cut off the plant, it no longer has roots but the stem of the flower still “drinks” up the water.  We changed the color of the water using food coloring (blue, green purple), and for the remainder of the week observed how the petals of the white flower turned a variety of colors based on the color of the water, as the flower “drank” the water through its stem.


An additional science lesson this month included “Why Handwashing Is So Important?”   After reading the book, Germs Are Not for Sharing”, the children made their own poster by tracing and cutting their own handprints, and showing what clean and dirty hands look like.  The K team continues to stress daily to wash our hands with soap and water to keep the germs away, and do our best to stay healthy during the winter cold and flu season.


We concluded the month learning about Community Helpers and the role that different jobs and professions have in our community.  We had a lively discussion about all the different types of jobs and professions, and enjoyed hearing what our little ones would like to be when they grow up.  To name a few, we heard about being a doctor, lawyer, police officer, firefighter, librarian, teacher, nurse, construction worker and scientist.  We created beautiful posters using our handprints for our local police and fire personnel thanking them for being our heroes.  Abbi set up the LEDP Library in our room and the children participated in learning more about the role of a librarian, and how visiting libraries in our community is an opportunity to learn about something new that you are interested in, and it can open up a world of knowledge.




We met our 4/5/6 mentors in our classroom to work together on a project, called Spread Your Wings.  The older kids assisted the younger kids using both watercolor and oil based paints.  Using an eyedropper, the droplets of paint were placed on a pre-cut paper feather.  The mentors did a fantastic job describing to the kids how the different type of paints will or will not mix, and why.   The project  will be displayed in the big LEDP room upon completion.  The science component involved using the multi-colored candy, Skittles, placed on edge of a plate followed by adding warm water, and observing the colors dissolve away from the shell - see photo below. 




We will meet on Tuesdays at 4:45 p.m. in the small gym for our reading buddies program with the 3rd grade.  Due to increasingly cold days, we have also incorporated playing some indoor games with both classes.  We appreciate this collaboration, and believe it is beneficial to all.




Monday, February 19 - LEDP CLOSED in observance of Presidents’ Day.


FEBRUARY VACATION - LEDP will be open for VACATION CARE COVERAGE  from Tuesday, February 20 through Friday, February 23.  Vacation Care will be staffed by LEDP teachers from all groups and will operate from 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (late fees apply).  The cost of vacation care is $50.00 per day, which is not-refundable and non-transferable.  If interested, please sign up by Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact Mary Gardiner, Director at 617-879-4379.




Classes for the winter session continue, and we will accompany the Kindergarteners to and from their classes that meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.



If your child has a playdate or will not be attending LEDP, please let us know by email at Mary_Gardiner@psbma.org or call the office at 617-879-4379.



LEDP provides daily snack, but children are welcome to bring a snack from home in case they do not like the snack we provide.  Please be sure snacks from home are NUT FREE.



Please remember to label all clothing, and send in appropriate weather related clothing (jackets, hats, scarves, mittens) as we will continue to spend time outside playing.



Please be sure to take home all the wonderful projects created during LEDP. 


Best regards,

Donna, Esther, Abbi and Zariah  


February 7, 2018

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January 5, 2018

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