November 14, 2017

Outside Time and activities.

November 6, 2017




Leaves are falling……..

Fall is here…….



The first half of October began with introducing the boys and girls to the colorful season of Fall.  Our activities were plentiful - handprint acorns, painting tree trunks and adorning the trees with leaves using bundled q-tips   dipped into the magnificent colors of Fall.  The Kindergarteners enjoyed an interactive group activity decorating our classroom scarecrow using their creativity by coloring and cutting an array of patches for Mr. Scarecrow’s tattered clothing.  As a class, we also made a beautiful wreath out of paper handprints - such a nice symbol of busy little hands working together.  


In our weather unit, our week started with talking about the different types of weather.   At circle time, we had the kids share about their favorite type of weather, and cast their vote (sunny, snowy, rainy, cloudy) on our “weather” board.  Not surprising, our class equally enjoys all types of weather - true New Englanders!!  Art activities included making “stormy” day rain clouds and painting “sunny” sunflowers with plastic forks instead of brushes.  Cheese and crackers shaped like suns were a big hit at snack time.  We completed the unit by going on a nature walk around the school track collecting gifts of nature that the “windy” day was responsible for bringing to us.


Just before Halloween, the Kindergarteners created a pumpkin patch using their thumbprints, and painted mini pumpkins.  Halloween activities closed the month of October with mummy wrapping Zariah and a triple mummy wrap with our friends from 4/5/6.  The children used their creativity by making felt masks for Halloween.  Materials included glitter glue, buttons, feathers and jewels.  Following the costume parade, Halloween coloring pages, tossing the beanbag into “ghost-like cups, and reaching into a couple of unidentified “mystery” bins were part of a fun day on Halloween.   Abbi dressed up as a “good” witch and surprised the kids with a caldron filled with a treat (non-edible) for our youngest trick or treaters.


Each Friday is a time we have designated as Fun Friday.  From visual presentations (science type experiments) to learning the “how to” rules of playing classic card games (such as Old Maid and Crazy 8’s) and classic board games (such as Candyland, Chutes & Ladders and Trouble).  With the assistance of a teacher, it is very rewarding to watch these little minds enjoy playing together, while learning patience and fairness.




Thank you to Irene (our 4/5/6 Coordinator) and her amazing caring mentors.  Our first mentoring session with Kindergarten and 4/5/6 graders was so fun.  Using the parachute outside, the kids participated enthusiastically in a game of cat and mouse.  Please visit the bulletin board in the LEDP hallway to view pictures.





Tuesday, November 14th

Wednesday, November 29th

Kindergarteners who are scheduled for the above days will be picked up from their classrooms at 12:40 p.m.



LEDP will be CLOSED on Friday, November 10th for Professional Development




LEDP will be CLOSING at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, November 22; and

LEDP will be CLOSED on Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24 for Thanksgiving.





Classes are in full swing.  We will continue to accompany the Kindergarteners to and from their classes that meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.



If your child has a playdate or will not be attending LEDP, please let us know by email at or call the office at 617-879-4379



LEDP provides daily snack, but children are welcome to bring a snack from home in case they do not like the snack we provide.  Please be sure snacks from home are NUT FREE.



Although an unseasonably warm October/early November, please remember to label all clothing, and send in appropriate weather related clothing (jackets, hats, mittens) as we will continue to spend time outside playing.



Any and all art work or activity related work will be in your child’s cubby.  To avoid too much of a build up, it would be appreciated if you could take their creations home to treasure.  


Wishing all our families a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Donna, Esther, Abbi and Zariah


October 26, 2017

Sunflowers and rain clouds.