February 11, 2018

Melting ice experiment, An Ledp 4/5/6 dinosaur expert having a discussion about dinosaurs, Our dinosaurs in their environment

February 7, 2018

LEDP 1st Grade January 2018 Newsletter
LEDP 1st Grade had lots of fun starting January 2018 enjoying a variety of activities. The 1st graders have been enjoying themselves playing outside as  much as they are inside the classroom learning, and doing several art, science, and math projects.
Our 4/5/6/ Mentors joined us to create a directed drawing of a polar bear and used watercolors to paint their artwork.  Our class really enjoys doing these fun activities with their mentors. They get very excited seeing them every month. We are looking forward to seeing what our February Mentor project will be.
We have worked on various art, science, math projects and other activities in January.  The 1st graders started January learning about snow.  We did a few science based activities making snow slime with glue, contact solution and baking soda which was a failure, snowman dough with lotion and cornstarch which they had fun playing with and finally making fake snow with shaving cream and baking soda then creating snowmen and snowballs with the finished product.   1st graders also wrote and drew their Martin Luther King Dreams to share with each other after we had a class discussion about his story!  We have also done an author study on Jan Brett reading some of her lesser known books like “Comet’s Nine Lives”, “Honey, Honey Lion”, The Umbrella”, and “Mossy” then creating their favorite part of her stories with watercolors, markers, crayons and oil pastels.  Our next theme was Music.  We drew guitars then cut them out and added rubber bands to strum, made xylophones with popsicle sticks and glue, created pianos with construction paper adding their own details such as 3D, their own music with music stands and then had a concert for us while we played classical music, and drums made from bowls, paper, beads and glue.  We had a dance party to finish the week with freeze dance, limbo and free dance along with their first instrument, their voice!  1st graders had a lot of fun! We finished the month with Pirate Week, making treasure maps, a treasure chest made with popsicle sticks, paper, and gems, a pirate ship with their own flag, eye patches with felt and yarn, and oil pastel parrots with feathers!  We did a few Science projects like the pine cone experiment to determine how pine cones opened and closed due to environment which they closed due to hot or cold moisture, the hot chocolate experiment to predict which temperature of water melted chocolate faster (hot) and testing the leak proof bag to see if it would leak when poked through with sharp pencils which it did not until we extricated them.   We also did a few Math activities such as graphing their favorite musical instrument (piano first then guitar and drums) and adding and subtracting with dominoes.
Reminder: We provide snacks but the children are always welcome to bring a snack from home in case they do not like what we are serving.  We usually try to provide fruits and vegetables because of NUT ALLERGIES in our class.  Please make sure if you send a snack from home that it is a nut free snack!
Please contact us by email at Mary_gardiner@psbma.org or call us at 617-879-4379 if your child will not be attending LEDP due to illness, change in schedule, play date, change of pickup, etc. If we don’t hear from you about a change we will call you with any questions.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns between 1-2pm daily.
LEDP will be open for Vacation Care Tuesday February 20 - Friday Feb.23 from 8:30-5:30, please see Mary to sign up if needed. 
We are looking forward to seeing what February brings to LEDP 1st Grade.

Karen, Jackie, and Kara

February 7, 2018

Pirate Week

January 30, 2018

Music week.

January 19, 2018

Fake snow