1st Grade

Winter Fun in 1!

Snapshot of the Week [1/30-2/3]

First grade continued to explore dinosaurs and their environment this week.  We began the week creating dinosaurs using Magnatiles then tracing on paper and designing our colorful dinosaurs.  First grade made dynamic Dinos on paper using cut straws to create the skeleton for their unique dinosaur.  On Wednesday, we started to create a volcano using chicken wire(which was done for the 1st graders by the teachers) then covered by the first graders using  plaster sheets that were dipped in water to create the actual volcano.  Our group then painted the volcano Thursday and Friday making it very realistic for our experiment.  We will continue to explore our volcano this coming week using diet soda and mentos to cause an eruption outside, first making predictions and then observing the outcome.  I’m sure they will be excited to share the results with their families!  Our first graders also wrote and illustrated about a pet dinosaur that they imagined, bringing it to life for our class by sharing their stories at snack time.  We had a question and answer discussion about dinosaur facts, we all learned new information which was fun.  First grade finished our week in the gym playing Dinosaur Museum which they had to pretend to be dinosaurs at night in a museum and doing a dinosaur workout where they acted out certain dinosaur moves by exercising then continued by creating their own dinosaur exercises.  We are excited about our last week exploring more about dinosaurs!

Snapshot of the Week [1/23-1/27]

First grade is exploring Dinosaurs!!  We began the week inventing our own dinosaur, creating its face on paper then writing facts about our new dinosaurs in their mouths that you can read by opening.  First grade then made dinosaurs maracas using cardboard, bottle caps and colorful paper to make their artwork pop. They enjoyed making the dinosaurs speak musically to each other.  We also melted frozen dinosaur eggs(water filled balloons with Dino inside) by pouring warm water over the frozen eggs to reveal the baby dinosaurs.  They loved this activity, waiting patiently to reveal their specific dinosaur baby.  On Wednesday our 4/5 Mentors visited us with a fun project, 3D Dinosaurs made from painting half of a paper plate then adding clothespins as their legs so they could stand.  First grade is always excited to do any project with their mentors!  We next made dinosaur tracks by using colorful paper and designing our own dinosaur footprints, they were very creative.  First grade also went to the gym to do a dinosaur exercise workout, which they loved.  They even made up their own dinosaur exercise moves for their classmates to try out together!  First grade finished our week making a dinosaur headdress out of paper and adding colorful spikes to make each unique.  We are looking forward to another fun filled week of dinosaurs!  The 1st grade teachers are learning a lot from all the interesting facts the first graders are sharing with our group!

Snapshot of the Week [1/16-1/20]

First grade had a short week learning about typography.  First graders began by tracing a cursive alphabet and then writing their own names in cursive, they loved it!   Next,  We had them weave colorful yarn on a cardboard letter(first letter of their name) which showed their patience since it took a couple of days to complete but they were very proud!  Our next project was writing their name in bubble letters then designing each letter with markers and glitter pens.  First grade finished the week, making letters and words with invisible ink for secret messages and salt painting their names by using a glue design on paper,  sprinkling with salt then gently adding watercolor, finally let dry.  First grade read “Ox, House, Stick, The History of our Alphabet” and “Messages in a Mailbox”about letters,  they enjoyed learning the history of letters from each book.  On a rainy Thursday, first grade played Silly Banana, Museum and Freeze Dance in the gym, there were lots of laughs!  During meeting time this week, we played a game rolling a dice which would decide which question they would answer from a list, they were very thoughtful with their answers.  We are excited about our next theme, Dinosaurs!  The teachers are looking forward to learning a lot about dinosaurs from the first graders!

Snapshot of the Week [1/9-1/13]

First grade had a fun week camping.  We began the week making ourselves inside tents with paper, oil pastels, Pom poms and gem pieces.  Some even made theirs 3D while others were a very detailed environment.  First graders then made sun catcher lanterns using tissue paper and contact paper which we displayed on our window.  Our next project was designing their own recreational vehicles, some 3D or even an inside layout also.  They were very focused and detail orientated doing this project.  We also made fingerprint bugs in a jar using ink pads and colored pencils to create some creepy crawly creatures.  First grade painted their hands then printed on paper to create a fire pit using brown paper to make the logs, the result was very cute.  We finished the week creating our own version of s’mores using cotton balls, felt and paper to make the delicious treats to enjoy by their fire pits  while we told campfire stories.  First grade also did an ice fishing science experiment putting an ice cube in water then sprinkle salt where a piece of string will meet the ice then watching as the water melts slightly and refreezes. After 10 seconds lift the ice out of the water with the fishing pole(small stick) You have caught a fish(ice). We are looking forward to more fun projects in January!

Snapshot of the Week [1/3-1/6]

First grade began 2023 by writing our resolutions to start the new year!  The first graders came up with some really creative ones such as “give more hugs”, “run faster” or “studying trucks”.    Our weekly theme was snowmen hoping it would have snowed by now but….so We built snowmen in the gym using sports equipment like hula hoops, bean bags, frisbees, and cones. They were amazing!  First grade also used droppers of watercolors to paint cotton circular pads then assembled into colorful snowmen which they decorated with buttons, pom poms etc.  We used white socks to create snowmen faces by cutting socks at the heel then turning inside out to make the heads with one and hat with the other.  They used fabric markers to decorate their faces, they turned out so cute.  As a group in the cafeteria, we designed two snow friends(boy and girl) each child adding their own details to the class snow girl or boy, the results were funny and cute.  We had a lot of laughs doing this project together!  First graders wrote their own snowman biographies in their journals, then some of our class shared with our whole group.  We made snowball shooters using craft rolls, balloons and rubber bands which they decorated then put a cotton ball inside to shoot as a snowball.  First grade had so much fun using these together safely.  We finished the week by making snowman paper links and connecting together to form a snowman chain and having a snowman challenge trying to create a snowman using legos or blocks, it was a difficult and creative challenge.  First graders are looking forward to more fun ahead in the new year.  

Snapshot of the Week [12/19-12/22]

First grade finished December by creating winter activities.  We made leaves to design a classroom wreath for our door which we added mistletoe by the request of one of our first graders! First grade also made a holiday comic strip adding our own speech bubbles to create their individual stories. We built gingerbread house using cardboard and various classroom materials(Pom poms, gems etc).  First graders read “Wow! City!” Then used paper and white paint to design their 3D Winter cityscapes, they were very creative in their details.  We played Holidays Kaboom together, answering each letter of the alphabet with a holiday theme item.  First graders had fun helping each other’s answers work for our theme.  We read “The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate!” Then did a science experiment by adding baking soda to a mug of cocoa powder then pouring vinegar to see the bubbling explosion coming out of the mug!  First graders really enjoyed the result!  We made 3D paper trees using just white paper and scissors to cut the branches, it was sometimes a little difficult but they stuck with it!  First graders finished the week by making shaving cream prints on paper with food coloring to cut into mittens and playing the gingerbread game in the gym, pretending to run from baking sheet(mat) to baking sheet.  They were exhausted from “Run run, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” Back and forth.  We have had so much fun in first grade so far and can’t wait for 2023!

Snapshot of the Week [12/12-12/16]

First grade had fun doing various winter themed activities this week.  We began the week making reindeer using paper and pipe cleaners then adding their own details to make each one unique.  First grade played animal charades together, it was so much fun hearing their guesses about each one.  We made snow globes using paper plates, foil, and fake snow to create their own winter wonderland!  First graders had fun weighing various items on a scale and learning what is needed to balance each time.  We made gingerbread people after reading Jan Brett’s “Gingerbread Friends”, they created many different variations including long haired gingerbread girl and a ninja gingerbread boy.  First grader had a great time playing “Roll a Dice, Brain Break” choosing certain exercises after rolling a dice to determine which one in the gym.  We read “The Story of Snow” then made beautiful colorful snowflakes using white paper to cut and adding colorful plastic to give them a stain glass effect.  We suspended the books they made with their sea horses to create a hanging library so they can read each other’s books.  First graders are looking forward to more winter projects ahead!

Snapshot of the Week [12/5-12/9]

First grade had another week of discovering various authors and their stories.  We started the week reading Eric Carle’s “Mr. Seahorse” and “The Mixed Up Chameleon” then designing these two creatures using bleeding tissue paper to make them as colorful as their characters.  First grade read William Steig’s “Dr. DeSoto” about an animal dentist then molded animal different animal teeth with air dry clay.  They enjoyed this activity, some creating a necklace with a clay shark tooth.  We read “Simple Photos” illustrated by Tomis dePaola and they created a camera with film using foam core and paper.  First graders enjoyed decorating their “film” paper with photos they were taking around the room.  First grade read books from the Andrea Beaty series and then did varied projects.  We read “Sofia Valdez, Future Prez” writing in their journals what they would do as president to better the world, “Izzy Peck, Architect” drawing a blueprint for a building creation of their choice, and “Aaron Slater, Illustrator” writing a book on their favorite topic then illustrating their words.  Finally we read “Ada Twist, Scientist” doing experiments as a class like poking pencils through a bag filled with water and not leaking,  predicting the outcome of the candy canes in hotwater,cold water and vinegar then observing the conclusion, filling a jar of bells with water and baking soda then adding vinegar to watch the bells dance around, and  trying to get a paper clip to float in water by bending the shape but we were not successful.  First graders had many ideas about our results of the science experiments and why some worked and others did not.   First grade ended the week by writing on a colorful paper  light bulb “I Can Light up the World by…” , they had many heart filled ideas and responses on how to accomplish this!

Snapshot of the Week [11/28-12/2]

First grade had a great time reading various authors this week.  We read Kevin Henkes “Jessica” about an imaginary friend, they created their own friends whether human, animal or vehicle.  First graders read Ezra Jack Keats’ “Goggles” and each decorated their own glasses, adding colored plastic for lenses.  They had fun wearing them in the classroom.  We also played musical hula hoops in the gym and “What’s in Your Kitchen?” With alphabetical answers.  On Wednesday, we had a visit from our 4/5 mentors helping the first graders paint with watercolors using a straw to blow the paint around on a paper silhouette.  They really enjoy their time with their mentors.  Later, we read Leo Lionni’s “Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse” first writing in their journals about a special wish they had then sharing with the class and creating their own mouse in a tea cup using different types of paper.  On Thursday, our early release day, first graders made their self portrait with a favorite book, using paper, crayons and markers, cutting each piece to assemble it together.  They are amazing artists!!  Later, we read Laura Numeroff’s “Dogs Don’t Wear Sneakers” after they invented a sneaker/shoe  with “special powers”.  They were very creative with their inventions.  First grade finished our week reading David Shannon’s “Too Many Toys” then designing and writing about their favorite toy and presenting to our class.  We are looking forward to more fun reading next week!

Snapshot of the Week [11/21-11/23]



First grade had a fun short week celebrating Thanksgiving!  We started by painting feathers on our paper turkeys using clothespins with cotton balls attached.  Our class really enjoyed creating their own unique turkeys with various colors of paint.  First grade also made many delicious looking pie slices like blueberry, pumpkin, apple with paper, buttons etc to display in our classroom.  We read a few festive books to the first graders too.   During free time,  our first graders played games like chess together taking turns, created their own 3D art like this boat and writing their own Mad Libs to do with our class at snack time.  We are looking forward to more fun together next week!

Snapshot of the Week [11/14-11/18]

First grade had a busy week doing many fun activities!  We started the week creating paper bag scarecrows and stuffing them with hay, they were all very unique.  First grade made penny spinners by decorating the cardboard discs and adding a penny in the center to spin.  Next we did a group project making a corn husk wreath by painting with bubble wrap in a corn cob shape then adding leaves together to create our own class harvest  wreath.  First grade had fun with pine cones using them for a science experiment and art activity.  For our science experiment,  the class discussed their predictions on the outcome and reasoning before submerging the pine cone in water for an hour which resulted in the pine cone  closing up tightly.  Some first graders were excited to have made the correct prediction!  First graders decorated a pine cone by using paper to make feathers and a face designing their own turkey, they were very creative and imaginative doing this project.  They also enjoyed our turkey feather races using a feather and spoon to race the fastest to the end with their feather still on the spoon.  If they dropped the feather, they had to say “gobble gobble”.  We had a lot of laughs!  First grade also played Thanksgiving Kaboom by naming words associated with the holiday!  We finished the week by writing messages with white crayon on white paper then painting over it with watercolors to reveal the message.  First grade continued writing in their journals about various things they are thankful for and illustrating their entries. We are looking forward to all the fun holiday activities we will be doing next week!

Snapshot of the Week [11/7-11/10]

First grade had a lot of fun in our short week!  We started the week by making rubber bracelets in many vibrant colors.  First grade also had a Lego challenge making their favorite food with Legos and displaying it on a plate!  They were very creative!  First grade enjoyed making their own individual catapults using craft sticks, rubber bands, and bottle caps.  They had fun creating various ways to gain points when shooting their pom pom.   We finished our week by having an acorn run challenge where they designed a course using different materials such as Legos, magnatiles, blocks etc. in teams collaborating together.  They used their inquisitive imaginations to create fun acorn run courses that actually worked well!  First graders also solved mazes that they each made and we copied for their classmates to enjoy.  We also had fun outside doing sun art where they put items thy found in nature on special paper for 5 minutes then dipped in water and let dry.  It was interesting to see how sunlight effects  the paper.  First grade continued our thankful journals, learning what they each  have in common with their classmates as they share, often commenting about each entry.  We are looking forward to more fun together in the next week!

Snapshot of the Week [10/31-11/4]

First grade had a spooky Halloween full of fun!  We observed animal bones, fossils and a bat, they were very excited to investigate these!  First grade did a science experiment call “Dancing Spiders” with baking soda, vinegar and colored water and observing the reaction to make the spiders move around.  We also tied hay together to make mini broomsticks then adding beads for the handle.  We ended Halloween by playing with the parachute with paper ghosts to add the numbers, collect 2 and solve the equation and having lots of fun with eyeball races with spoons!  First grade read “The Dot” and created a scene using a black paper dot, they were very creative with their visions.  We then made hoop flyers/gliders using a straw and paper rings together which they flew having races.  First graders made Mexican maracas using cardboard, bottle tops and brightly decorated skulls to the face so the mouth could move.  It was so much fun!  For this month, we will be working daily on a November thankfulness calendar, writing our answers in our journals to share with the class.  First grade also had a great time either learning or playing Four Square together as a group, taking turns outside, enjoying the beautiful weather!

Snapshot of the Week [10/24-10/28]

First grade has been having fun doing lots of spooky Halloween activities this week!  We painted leaves with white paint then printed them on black paper to make ghosts. First grade created a spider, mummy and Frankenstein by using sponges on paper, they had fun adding their own details!  We also made haunted houses from paper bags and Halloween paper.  First grade had fun at snack time, making funny Halloween Mad Lib stories as a group, they looked forward to it each day!  We also did a pumpkin workout to release some energy with the rainy weather.  Our group used Halloween paper to make origami witch hats, helping each other folding and following directions.  Our first graders enjoyed making predictions of candy corn in various liquids such as alcohol, vinegar and water and then recording their results of the reactions!  First grade is looking forward to see what fun we will have in November!

Snapshot of the Week [10/17-10-21]



First grade is exploding with Halloween fun! We started our week creating a spooky story as a group with Roll-a-Story. First grade made a witch’s cauldron using paint and shaving cream to print on paper then adding their details. We had fun designing crazy eyeballs with oil pastels!  Our mad science experiment was an erupting frozen brain using baking soda and vinegar. We finished by playing Halloween charades which was so much fun!  Can’t wait for next week’s Halloween adventures!

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