February 8, 2018

4/5/6 January Newsletter

Gym Games:

This month we introduced another gym game, brand new to 4/5/6 called Battleship! The kiddos were so excited to play something new to the roster of games and even more pumped to see all the equipment necessary to play!

Battleship is a fast paced game that practices game situations, cooperative learning and lots and lots of communication and teamwork.  The needed equipment were large mats, bowling pins, bean bags, dodgeballs and pinnies.

We spread out three mats around the gym and split the teams up evenly among each battleship. We place a bowling pin on each corner, with a dodgeball and an even amount of bean bags in the center. Each crew must stay on their battleship at all times. The crew members job is to try and knock down the bowling pins using dodgeballs and underhand throws with the bean bags. Players are not allowed to stand up and throw, but must move around on their knees. Each crew assigns a powder monkey- they are allowed to leave the ship to retrieve more ammo. Protectors are also assigned to protect the team’s pins from getting knocked down. If the pin is knocked down accidently, it stays down. Last ship with at least one standing pin, wins.

Other Gym Games:

Capture The Flag

Memory Dodgeball

Safety Zone


Group Activities:

Force & Destiny continues to be massively popular among its club members. Everyday our brave jedi’s try to charm their way into the minds of Sam to get a glimpse of their next adventure! Sam stands stoic day in and day out, warding off all magical attempts to jump ahead. Through word of mouth, other 4/5/6ers have inquired on participating during the second half of the school year!

Paint by Stickers was a very popular project among the group. They split up into groups of three or more, picked a very elaborate picture with letters and numbers on them. Each picture had a few of pages of stickers with the corresponding numbers that matched each section of the picture. Their job was to match the sticker and place it to the correct number on the painting. They worked very well together, making sure everyone got a chance to contribute. The end result was a modern piece of art that was similar to the color schemes found in pop art. This was a lengthy project that required lots of patiences. Each child sincerely enjoyed the process and we hope to mirror similar projects in the near future.


Spread Your Wings Project:

The “Spread Your Wings,” project is finally complete and will be up for display Friday, February 9! Please come check out what K-6 LEDP created and feel free to take a picture of your little one and their wings!

As the wings hang in the Big LEDP room, also check out the mentoring wall in the hallway to take a peek at the process.

K: Oil & Water don’t Mix, Splatter Art

1: Newspaper Collaging

2: Marble Art

3: Bubble Art

4/5/6: Golden Feathers, while mentors helped create their own feathers with their mentoring groups.

Important Reminders:

LEDP will be OPEN for February break, Tuesday Feb. 20- Friday Feb. 23. These dates require sign-up, please look for emails for details and deadlines.

Skating trips this month will be Friday, February 9 and Friday, February 16. You may rent skates for $6 at the rink. NO HELMET, NO SKATING.