May 22, 2018

  • LEDP will be closed on Monday, May 28, 2018, in observance of Memorial Day.

4/5/6 April Newsletter


April came and went; with three short weeks of LEDP, 4/5/6 really packed in some fun, even messy projects this month!


Arts & Crafts:


We got almost everyone involved in making some DIY Playdough! We worked in mini groups and all the kiddos worked very nicely together- making sure each group member had their own part in the project. There isn’t anything 4/5/6 likes more than a messy, science activity- playdough was no exception! Below you can find the recipe for 4/5/6’s playdough recipe:



  • 1 Cup (white/unbleached) Flour

  • 1 Cup water

  • 2 tsp cream of tartar

  • ⅓ cup salt

  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

  • 12 drops of food coloring


  1. In a saucepan, add flour, cream of tartar and salt.

  2. Min in 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp vegetable oil.

  3. Turn burner on medium to low and stir for about 3 minutes.

  4. Add the food coloring of choice and mix in.

  5. Keep stirring (until chunky and coming off the saucepan) for about 3 minutes.

  6. Remove; put on wax paper to cool!

We also created some Pipe Cleaner Pals! Our artists were immediately attracted to the idea of making their very own action figures and silly characters! It was really fun to see all the different color schemes and clever faces they came up with. To join in on the fun, follow the simple steps below:


  1. For each, twist three pipe cleaners together at their centers and bend as shown at right.

  2. To form the body, thread three pony beads onto both leg stems.

  3. Cut eight 1-inch lengths of plastic straw. Thread two onto each arm and bend the excess pipe cleaner into a hand: a big loop with a smaller thumb loop.

  4. Thread two straw lengths, with a pony bead between, onto each leg. Bend the excess pipe cleaner into a loop for a foot.

  5. Thread a wooden bead onto the remaining two pipe cleaners. Form the excess pipe cleaner into a hairdo. Trim any extra with scissors.

  6. Add a face with markers.

We offered 4/5/6 with a STEM challenge! We gave them jelly beans, toothpicks and a peep and asked that they build a habitat or to build a structure to protect the peep. Some of their ideas are shown below:



Gym Games:

Memory Dodgeball

Doctor Dodge


Capture the Flag

April 28, 2018

4/5/6 activities.

April 10, 2018

4/5/6 March Newsletter

Mother Nature gave us both snow and sunshine in the month of March! With her unpredictability, 4/5/6 was extra motivated  in pursuing longer projects, tons of gym time and getting involved in some festive groups games!

Reward Party:

This March we celebrated the completion of our superhero puzzle with a movie and an ice cream party. 4/5/6 being the largest group in the program and one with many transitions during the day, we challenged our group by rewarding them with a puzzle piece with every smooth transition. We had a great time discussing party options and after long debates and lots of laughs they unanimously voted on the movie Wonder, based off the very popular, inspirational novel by  R.J. Palacio. We are onto the next superhero puzzle and we imagine another smooth transition to our next reward party!

Arts & Crafts:

This month 4/5/6 was taught how to play a game called King’s Table, also often referred to as “A Rule Book for Hnefatafl.” This game is one of pure strategy that is played on a square board where a king and his defenders occupy the middle of the board. The attackers or the larger force are positioned on the outside of the board. The objective of the game is for the king to escape to the edge of the game board, while the objective of the attackers is to capture the king. The pieces move like rooks in chess or horizontally and vertically.

This year 4/5/6 have thoroughly enjoyed these strategic games, usually playing similar ones like Archeology, Catan and Saboteur for hours on end, so it’s no surprise they loved learning a new strategy game especially one where they would then have the opportunity to create their own versions.

Each gamer got a square piece of white cardboard. They recreated the spaces for both the king, his defenders and then the attackers. Then they all made game pieces out of clay; most friends made similar pieces to the original game, but some thought and created outside the box and made their own original artwork. The final step was to decorate the clay, distinguishing the king, defenders and the attackers with different colors. This project took a few days to complete, but the gamers were more than excited with their finished products. It was very exciting for them to play a game they’ve grown to really enjoy on a gameboard they created all on their own!

4/5/6 had so much fun playing St. Patrick’s Day themed minute-to- win in games! We played three games, Lucky Stack, Sort the Rainbow and Make the Rainbow. 4/5/6 split up into three teams and worked together to try and beat their opponents.

Lucky Stack:

Using chopsticks, stack at many Lucky Charm marshmallows as you can in one minute!

Sort the Rainbow:

Take a pile of Fruit Loops and sort the cereal by color into cups. The team who completes the most, correctly, wins.

Make the Rainbow:

On a pipe cleaner, thread Fruit Loops using just one hand! The first team to fill the pipe cleaner and bend it into an arc, wins!

Artists this month also created their own paper plate mazes! They created their own special characters that would go atop a strong magnet that would maneuver its way through their thoughtful, crazy paper plate adventures!

Instructions for you own mazes:

  1. Stack two paper plates

  2. Use a compass to draw a circle in the middle of your plate- 2 inches in diameter (sketch lightly)

  3. Move your pencil out at least ½ an inch, sketch another light circle. Continue this until you reach the last inch around the plate.

  4. Now, erase ½ inch segments of each circle leading up to the center circle.

  5. Label the outside rim, “Start,” and the inside circle, “Finish.”

  6. Grab one popsicle stick, glue a magnet down on to stick so magnet is facing up to repel one another.

  7. Design a character to glue to your free magnet. It should go on the side that does not repel the magnet on the popsicle stick.

  8. Glue a popsicle stick to your maze (on the bottom edge by, “Start.”)

  9. Use your other hand to guide your popsicle stick and move your player around the maze on the surface! It should repel the player on top.

Gym Games:

Doctor Dodgeball

Memory Dodgeball


Capture the Flag

Important Reminders:

LEDP will be open for vacation care during April Break, Tuesday April 17 to Friday April 20. Please refer to email for further information.

On half days, LEDP will be open at the close of school: Wednesday, April 4, Tuesday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 25.

Re-enrollment forms are out via email- and are due back on April 25.   Please be sure to let Mary know if your child is returning to LEDP or if you are moving on.

March 28, 2018

Outside Time

March 6, 2018

4/5/6 February Newsletter


February was a very short month, but 4/5/6 skated along with wintry crafts and lots of gym games!


4/5/6 artists made these adorable yarn hats! It coincided with all of the many role playing games our kiddos are involved in and they all loved the idea of creating winter attire for their characters! They all sat chatting about the different adventures and it was really wonderful to overhear all their excitement on both their projects and their enthusiasm while swapping adventure stories!


How to make your own yarn hats:

  1. Cut a piece of paper towel roll that is about 1 inch tall.

  2. Cut about 50, 9 inch strips of yarn.

  3. Fold a piece of yarn in half and push the loop through the paper roll.

  4. Take the other end and fold it over the paper roll, into the loop.

  5. Pull to get a knot.

  6. Repeat the process until the whole paper roll is covered with yarn.

  7. Push all the yarn through the paper roll. It helps to twist them together first.

  8. Roll a ball of tissue paper to fit snug in the paper towel roll (to help keep shape).

  9. Tie a knot around the threads and trim! Voila!

This month we also learned about Keith Haring and created an adaptation of some of his famous artwork! Keith Haring was a famous “alternative art” cartoonist in New York City. He experimented with graffiti and public art; however, he had the most success when he noticed unused advertising panels covered in black matte paper. He would take chalk and draw white outlines on the black paper, creating figures similar to those shown below.

His work attracted the attention of many. He referred to this black space as his “laboratory” for experimenting with lines and working out his ideas.

4/5/6 put their own twist on Haring’s work, but with snowmen!

To create lines in their snowmen they:

  1. Cut proportional strips of paper that will pop from your page!

  2. Connect and glue the strips together, so they are connected and “popping up,” in that position.

  3. Finally, draw movement in the lines and other features with pastel crayons and find a way to include a heart!


Gym Games:

Safety Zone is very similar to Capture the Flag, except teams are not trying to capture a ‘flag,’ but are trying to get their entire team to the opposing side to their designated safety zone. If they are tagged, they must go to jail and wait to be freed by a team member. Those who make it to the ‘safety zone,’ cannot get tagged and are allowed to leave at their own risk to help their team. Teams must strategize and do a lot of talking in order to get all team members over the fastest. Many times it is a head to head race to the safety zone.

Hyperspace is very similar to Safety Zone, where teams win once everyone is in the safety zone. The major differences between these two games is that once you’ve made it to the safety zone you are not allowed to leave, and instead of jail you have to run back to your side, touch the end line and then are allowed to return to the game. 4/5/6 really enjoy these running games and they do an amazing job strategizing with their teams!


Other Gym Games:

Memory Dodge

Capture the Flag

Doctor Dodgeball


Important Reminders:

  • Force & Destiny will switch to its original meeting day on Friday’s. Skating trips are now over.

  • LEDP will offer vacation care on Good Friday, March 30. Please, be on the lookout for further information.