October 5, 2021

Spray Bottle Painting

September 29, 2021

4/5/6 Newsletter


Welcome back 4/5/6 Families!


We are so very excited to be back home in LEDP and in full swing this school year! Last year took us all by surprise and we consider ourselves very lucky to have the continued support by the LEDP community! 


Last time we were all together our fourth graders were second graders; being the eldest in LEDP, our goals as their teachers is to have them exercise independence, accountability and autonomy. Just as they are taught in all groups leading up to 4/5/6 we continue to stress good sportsmanship, trust and honesty. In any given moment, we hope that 4/5/6 is always representative of LEDP and is always leading by example for our little ones!


Thus far, 4/5/6 has adjusted really nicely to our new space and schedule!  Our group has changed rooms and we are eager to make it all our own. 


This month we look forward to adding a Fall inspired bulletin board- full of marble colored Autumn leaves and a full pumpkin patch! Please, check out the site in a few weeks to check out our final product!


Additionally, we have officially  introduced both the Peer Mentoring Program and NERD Club! Both clubs have been quite popular the last few years, and many 4/5/6ers entered excitedly with questions and inquiries on when they would begin. NERD Club will be held in the LEDP room on Fridays for approximately two hours, as our very own Sam as the Dungeons & Dragons, D&D Master!  They have one meeting under their belts and our club members can’t wait to see what twists and turns lay ahead in their adventures! Peer Mentoring will officially begin Thursday, September 29! More information to follow. 


September introduced a new space, new teachers and new routines! The upcoming months we look forward to finding our own unique rhythm as a group and jumping right into fun and exciting activities! 


Happy Fall!


Irene & Sam