Contact Information

We encourage your feedback and suggestions to enhance the program. 

We conduct annual parent surveys to gather formal feedback but are happy to hear your thoughts throughout the year.


      Phone our Director Mary Gardiner at (617) 879-4379


      Email us at:



      Mary Gardiner, Director
      Lawrence Extended Day Program
      27 Francis St. Brookline, MA 02446


      Fax: (617) 879-4390



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Tuition and Billing

Each year the Parent Board sets the tuition for the year.  The program costs are covered almost entirely by our membership although as we can we apply for grants and/or fund-raise to support specific initiatives.


When setting tuition, we are mindful of our own costs and comparative costs across the community.
Payments are to be received by the 1st of the month.  There will be a $15 late fee for payments received after the 5th of the same month.  Parents needing assistance may apply for scholarship funds.  Completed forms should be submitted to the Director.


2018-2019 Monthly Tuition Rates

                                      2 Days     3 Days     4 Days     5 Days

EXTENDED DAY (K-6)   $325        $425        $515         $550



Checks should be made payable to LEDP and mailed to:

Estha Blachman
LEDP Bookkeeper
P.O. Box 233
Arlington, MA 02476


Alternately it may be convenient to establish a monthly auto payment with your bank.

Since LEDP is a charitable organization, contributions are tax deductible and we will provide a receipt for tax purposes. 


Billing Inquiries should be directed to our bookkeeper

Estha Blachman 781-927-4685 or

You can write or send a payment to her at:

Estha Blachman
LEDP Bookkeeper
PO Box 233
Arlington, MA 02476