February 7, 2018

The second graders had a fun-filled, adventurous and busy month of January! 


In the room:


The second graders begin the new year thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.  They were each asked to think of at least one thing that they wanted to start doing or something that they wanted to improve on.  Following this activity, the second graders then made vision boards.  Many of the students used their resolutions from the previous week to make their vision boards.  The purpose of the vision boards was for the students to use words, phrases, drawings, images, etc. in order for them to get become motivated in working towards achieving the goal or resolution that they had set for themselves.  The students created a template of their vision board and once that was completed they were given larger paper to make their final product.  Some of the students’ vision boards can be seen on display in the LEDP room. 


For the second half of the month of January, the second grade competed in a series of activities that we called the LEDP 2nd Grade Olympics.  For the Olympics we divided the group into 2 teams: the Red Team and the Orange Team.  The Olympics consisted of both mental and physical challenges.  The first week consisted of the mental challenges and the following week was the physical activities. 


The mental activities consisted of a game called Celebrity, Jeopardy, Human Knot and a variety of Minute-To-Win-It games.  It was great watching the second graders work on these activities because they required a lot of teamwork, communication and collaboration.  For the physical activities we played Kickball, Doctor Dodge and Bouncy Basketball.  Most of the second graders were extremely excited for the physical portion of the Olympics, however it was nice to see some of the students that tend to shy away from gym games become completely enthralled in the active portion of the LEDP 2nd Grade Olympics. 


Play Time:


This month we introduced a new gym to the second graders called Double Dodge, as they seem to really enjoy any and all types of dodgeball-related games.  Basically speaking, Double Dodge is a mixture of Capture the Flag and Dodgeball combined into one fun and exciting game.  Similarly to Capture the Flag, the object of the game is to go to the other team’s side of the gym, get their flag and bring it back to your side of the gym without being tagged by a player on the opposing team.  The Dodgeball aspect of the game is that players are allowed to throw a dodgeball at players on the opposing team but only when the two players on are their respective sides of the gym.  If players get tagged while trying to steal the flag they have to go to the other team’s jail, if players get hit with a dodgeball they have to sit at the spot where they were hit and cannot rejoin the game until one of their fellow teammates hit the opposing backboard. 


Other gym activities:


     Doctor Dodge


     Memory Dodge




This month the second graders met with their mentors to do their part of the Spread Your Wings  project in which every group in LEDP will be involved.  Each group is decorating feathers using a variety of materials and each group’s feathers will look different from the next.  The second graders decorated their wings using marble art, in which students used shaving cream and food coloring to come up with colorful and unique designs on their feathers.  All of the second graders were very excited to complete this project and were amazed at how great their feathers came out.  Please be on the lookout for the finished product to be displayed in the LEDP room.




     There is no school the week of Monday, February 19th - Friday, February 23; however there will be vacation care during that week from Tuesday, February 20th - February 23rd.  The forms to sign-up have already been sent out via email.  LEDP will be closed Monday, February 19th, in observance of Presidents’ Day. 


Other Notes:


     We’re about halfway through ice skating for the season and it has been going great!  The second graders have been so excited each week in anticipation of going skating on Friday.  It’s been awesome seeing so many of the second graders signing up each week! 


February 7, 2018

Brain challenges from LEDP: 2nd Grade Olympics

January 4, 2018

Doctor Dodge, making Bracelets, Christmas Trees and Dreidels. Water Balloon Drop.