March 18, 2020

A poem from the 2nd grade LEDP teachers.

Dear 2nd graders~
i woke up today 
a bit sad and blue
a little birdie flew by 
and told me you were too
i sat by myself 
and thought, what to do
on the day with no LEDP
The sun was still shining 
yet i stayed inside
it was like my imagination 
just wanted to hide
no ideas to say hi
no matter how hard i tried
on the day with no LEDP
all the games in my closet
had already been played
all the books on my shelf 
had already been read
so i thought to myself
what should i do instead
on the day with no LEDP
I thought about my friends
and that made me smile
so i decided to myself
I'll do this for a while
i drew pictures and wrote letters
that spanned for a mile
on the day with no LEDP
Then all of a sudden
my jaw dropped to the floor
i thought of something
i hadn't thought of before
these feelings i had
i knew i could find more
on the day with no LEDP
See, all of us have power
much more than we know
and we take these gifts 
wherever we go
even at times 
when they don't seem to
on the day with no LEDP
The next time that you're down
remember these words said the bird
no sad feelings last, and 
"this too shall pass"
all the things that i need
i have inside of me
including all the best parts of LEDP
Tasneem, Phillip, Syndey, Brynley Helena, Musa, Olivia, Elina, Karis, Abraham, Brandon, Kareena, Lincoln, Susan, Josiah, Annabell, Yumi, Ashley, Kai, Nora, Harkua, Ojas, Sophie, Eva, Taka, Matthew, Daniel and Liming - Not day goes by, without our wonderful second grade group occupying our minds. Know that we are just as eagerly counting down the days until we are all back together. Until then, make sure to cherish the extra time with family and loved ones. Remember, sprinkles of Kindness and their impact on the world ...It all starts at home! over the next few days we will have some projects and activities that you can work on and teach your family. Be safe, we cant wait to see all of your smiling faces, until then-PEACE & LOVE!
Emilia, Hannah & Chris

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