September Snapshot (9/18-9/29)

The past two weeks in LEDP went by so quickly despite many rainy, indoor days! At this point in the Fall, we’ve all gotten to know each other and the LEDP spaces more and the children have been excitedly moving through our daily routines and solidifying their understanding of our group expectations. This past week, we focused on the topic of respect through various group meetings centered around empathy and how we can positively use our words and actions to brighten others’ days. We’re currently in the process of making an amazing kindness board in the big LEDP room - pictures to come! 

Second grade has also continued their streak of incredible participation in our projects and games over the past two weeks. Art projects have included fall wreaths and marker & rubbing alcohol paintings that came out wonderfully, and the children tackled an intriguing science experiment using dish soap and pepper that taught them about surface tension and the importance of using soap when washing their hands. They also played a nail biter of a soccer game that went into sudden death on the field with third grade, beat and were defeated by several chess robots on chess.com, and had a blast finally figuring out how to successfully build and conquer the mouse trap in the game Mouse Trap! It has been really exciting and rewarding as a group to see everyone thriving and settled in now that fall is fully in spring. Brittney and I also want to say thank you to all the families for being so kind and communicative during pickups. See you soon!

September Snapshot (9/5- 9/15)

Second grade has had an amazing start this year at LEDP! Over the past two weeks, the children have been settling into and learning our daily routines, practicing our group expectations and taking full advantage of all the big LEDP room has to offer. They have done a great job getting accustomed to the new space, beginning each day with positive attitudes and excitement for what’s to come, and making memories with the group. We’re working towards full group cooperation during our daily meetings and reading & homework time, however, the kids have shown us as each day passes that they can surpass our expectations and foster a respectful, cooperative, and lively community in second grade. 


Brittney and I are thrilled to be the second grade teachers and have really been enjoying getting to know the kids and creating fun activities each day! We’ve done a variety of art, science and special projects already. Some highlights include a deep breathing & watercolor project where the kids painted “Worry Monsters,” as well as a marshmallow engineering activity where they designed buildings and sculptures with toothpicks and marshmallows. We also conducted an interesting rising water experiment, played Doctor Dodgeball with the third graders, wrote a hilarious and whacky long-form Mad Libs story titled, “A Completely Normal, Totally Regular 2nd Grade Day in LEDP”, and played an exhilarating game of Jeopardy that came down to the very last question! Many of the kids have been diving head first into whatever activities are planned each day and it’s been amazing getting to witness their effort, talent, and knowledge shine in LEDP. 


We’re so excited for the rest of the year and cannot wait to see what the kids accomplish, the friendships they make, and the fun times we will all have together. I also want to remind families that we don’t provide snack in LEDP. Thank you, and see you at pick-ups! 

Exploring Surface Tension!

Fall Wreaths!

Color Burst!

2nd Grade Hits the Field!