November 21, 2017

Activity books

November 14, 2017

Opposite leg kickball

November 2, 2017

The second grade had a great month of October!  This month we did a lot of autumn and Halloween themed activities which the second graders thoroughly enjoyed!


In the Room:


One of the Halloween-themed activities we did this month was Hanging Bats.  For this activity the students painted a cardboard cylinder black and let it dry overnight.  Once the cardboard rolls were dry, the children cut out paper wings and glued them onto their paper rolls, glued on googly eyes and drew on a mouth.  Some kids decided to glue on some ears.  Once the bats were completed, the children used a hole puncher to put 2 holes in the bottom of the cardboard tube so that they could attach 2 pipe cleaners for legs.  Lastly, the students picked out a small stick, that we collected the previous day while on the playground, to attach their bats to by the feet so that it could hang upside-down. 


We did our first science experiment of the school year.  The purpose of the experiment was to use a variety of liquids to see which, if any, would prevent an apple from browning.  The liquids we used were milk, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.  We also had a bowl with nothing in it as a  control.  Each of the kids made a hypothesis as to which liquid they thought would be the one to stop the apple from browning.  After about 45 minutes of letting the apple sit in the liquids we observed them.  We learned that the liquid that worked the best was the lemon juice.  We explained to the children that the lemon juice contains ascorbic acid, which will react with oxygen before it will react with enzymes.  As soon as the ascorbic acid gets used up, oxygen will begin to react with enzymes in the apple and browning will occur.  



The second graders had a Scavenger Hunt that took them all over


outside including the playground, small playground, basketball courts


and the field.  Each destination led them to their next clue where


they eventually ended up back inside to the bottom floor of the loft


where they found their Halloween-themed goodie bags!


Other art activities we did this month:


     Leaf painting


     Fall trees


     Cliffhanger story


     Make your own yogurt pops


     Stress balls


     Paint/Decorate mini pumpkins


     It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown movie


     Scary story read aloud



Play Time:



Given the fact that we had a couple rainy days this month we played a few new games in the gym.  One of the games the children enjoyed playing was Banana Peel Tag.  This game is played as a regular game of tag where there may be only one tagger or if it is played with a larger group there may be 2-3 taggers.  Once a child is tagged they must stand with their hands extended over their head like a banana.  In order to resume playing the game, two separate untagged peers must each put one of the tagged player’s arms. 




Other gym games we played this month:





     Sharks & Minnows






As many of you know, the younger LEDP meet with some of the older


students from the 4/5/6 group once a month for mentoring.  During this


time, the mentors facilitate an art activity or a gym game with the


second graders.  This month we met with our mentors for the first time


this school year.  With their mentors, the second graders played two


fun gym games: Back-To-Back Tag and Freeze & Melt.  All of the second


grade students were so excited to meet their mentors and look forward


to meeting with them in the future!






Every Monday-Thursday the second graders are given the opportunity to


begin working on their homework in the cafeteria at the beginning of


the afternoon.  We provide them with the materials they may need, such


as pencils, paper, colored pencils, books, etc.  While we help them if


they need something explained to them, we do not correct their work so


that their teachers have a sense of how the students are understanding


the material.






     Please remember to check the whiteboard outside of the classroom to find out our location.  We use the Large LEDP room, the cafeteria, the gyms and outside.  


     We provide snack daily but children are welcome to bring in snack from home in case they do not like the snack we provide.  Please make sure any snack or food that your child brings in is NUT-FREE.



Important Dates:



LEDP will be closed on Friday, November 10th due to a Professional


Development day.  Also, on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, LEDP will be


closing at 4:00pm.  Please make sure on this day that you pack a


NUT-FREE lunch for your child as the cafeteria will be closed.  There


is no LEDP on Thursday, November 23, 2017 or on Friday, November, 24,


2017 due to the Thanksgiving holiday. 


November 2, 2017

Painting mini pumpkins