September Snapshot (9/5- 9/15)

The year is off to a momentous start in the 3rd grade LEDP group! Most of our friends were in the 2/3 group last year and remember the same routines, so settling in this year was seamless. 


We’ve made the most of the nice weather when we’ve had it by going outside and playing on the playground. We’ve also begun some fun art projects. Our new teacher Allison kicked things off with coffee filter color diffusion butterflies. She also conducted a wild science experiment that showed food coloring going off like fireworks in oil and water. 


This week Sam started a multi-day enchanted forest art project. The students began by crafting and painting clay owls which they will eventually house in a three-dimensional forest diorama. 


Stay tuned to the next newsletter for the final result! Going along with the enchanted forest theme of this month, we had a gym challenge in the gym where the children had to follow a secret path through a forest to retrieve bread and cake from a little old lady’s cottage. If they took a wrong turn, the trickster faeries in the woods would send them back to the beginning! We are off to such an amazing start and are very much looking forward to what the rest of the school year has in store!


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