February 11, 2018

Olympics, Craft Sticks Skiers, Ski Jumpers, Hockey

February 7, 2018

3rd Grade Newsletter


We cannot believe we are already into the second month of 2018, but then again they do say, “Time flies when you are having fun” and we do have a lot of fun in the 3rd grade group!



New Year: Although the New Year’s week was cut short because of the weather and school cancellations we did have the time to get a few activities in to celebrate the New Year. Keeping with the recent football theme that has been surrounding us lately, in the back of the room there is a football board displaying football with your children’s goals for the year. If you have a chance to check it out, you might find it interesting what your child’s goal is. We also shows some celebrating for painting firework with craft rolls slit to make a burst of color on their paper. These fireworks displays were beautifully done.



Winter: Having a snowstorm big enough to cancel school put us in the winter mood. Some of the group made snowmen with plant pots, created a snowstorm in a jar using water, white paint, oil and an Alka seltzer. The group had some a great time doing this experiment! Others made snowy winter pictures and thinking about our little feathered friends struggles to find food in the winter, we made bird feeders with seed and plain gelatin. You may have seen them hanging in the trees on the playground. Then came a tasty treat, using kitchen scissor we cut large tortillas into snowflakes, sprinkled them with cinnamon and baked them in the oven. Not only did they taste good, but the LEDP room smelled so good.



Fun Foods:  Inspired by our yummy snowflakes treats we also had fun making cheese and cracker butterflies, rice cake and apple owls, marshmallow ballerinas with cupcake liner tutus, and cheese square snowmen. Check out the website and see if some of these fun foods are there.



Drawing Challenge: After discussing the Super bowl and the challenges it creates for teams we decided to engage in out our challenge. Ours was a drawing challenge. Each day when the children came to LEDP, posted on the board was their challenge for the day. We began with creating our own Super bowl pennants; they hung in the LEDP room to cheer on the Patriots or the Eagles in the February 4th Super bowl. The next day happened to be ½ way day, so the challenge was to draw something only half there. The drawing were all so different and all wonderful, they were displayed that day on a board in the LEDP room, next up was something you liked that we have done in LEDP this year. Some of those can be seen hanging on the board outside Mary’s office. The final day of the challenge was to pick a flag of one of the countries participating in the upcoming winter Olympic. These came out great and will be hanging in the LEDP room during the two weeks of the Winter Olympics!



Mentoring: Thanks to the upper grade mentors for coming to the 3rd grade group every month. The 3rd graders always look forward to this day and anticipate what the planned activity might be. This month we took part in a project that the mentors have had each LEDP group participate in. Our group’s contribution was to make colorful feathers using bubble paint method. Can’t wait until the collaborative effort is up and we can all enjoy each group’s part in the finished project.



Kindergarten Buddies: The 3rd grade is still meeting with the kindergarten once a week to read to them. Both groups really look forward to this weekly event. After reading the kindergarten and 3rd graders play board games, build with magnetic tiles, rods, or many of the other manipulatives we have, or 3rd grade teaches the younger ones a new gym game. Everyone seems to be enjoying all aspects of these afternoons.



Notes: February Vacation is quickly approaching; LEDP is open for vacation care February 20th -24th for children registered before the deadline. There are a lot of fun activities planned.


January 30, 2018

Winter bird feeders.  Cheese snowman, cheese and cracker butterflies. Quiet reading.

January 19, 2018

Google eyes game, Plant pot snowman.  Our goals.