November 14, 2017

Fun with food.

November 7, 2017

Super hero shields

November 2, 2017

3rd Grade Newsletter


Another month has flown by. We cannot believe it is already November.  The 3rd grade team and group has meshing together well and having a lot of fun.



Artist of the Day: We began our artist of the day with Carl Eric, a familiar name to the children and made our own “Very Hungry Caterpillars”, using balloons and paint. We then moved on to Claude Monet, after talking about impressionist art we made the “Water Lily” scene using pastel tissue paper on flat canvas. These took a lot of time and patience, but the children who chose to invest their time in this activity did a wonderful job!  Next up was Jackson Pollack, an abstract expressionist artist and the group loved doing a splatter painting mural. This mural has been hanging for all to see in the back section of the LEDP room. On the day we learned about Andy Warhol, a pop artist, the group all cut out a tracing of their hand and mounted it on paper, then put a print on their hand in paint on top of their stencil. It looks amazing! Check it out on the board outside o f the LEDP office. We concluded our artist day unit with Dale Chihuly, a blown glass artist. The group, with the help of some of our kindergarten buddies, used sharpies to color the outside of a plastic cup. The next step was putting the cups in the oven at low temperature for about 2 minutes while they melted in interesting shapes. All of LEDP is enjoying this piece of art lighting up the wall in the large LEDP room.



Fire Safety: National Fire Safety Week is early in October, so the 3rd grade teaching team took advantage of this important informational week to incorporate fire safety into our days. We began the week talking about fire fighters, their jobs, equipment and their importance and their bravery to help everyone else in the event of an emergency. We followed up this discussion by making thank you cards for the firefighters in our community. During this week we also made fire truck snacks using graham crackers and pretzels, as you can imagine this was a very popular activity. We also made Dalmatian fire safety rule mobiles using some of the information that we had talked about during the week. I am sure you were all asked about your escape route, your meeting place and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. We ended our week visiting the firehouse on Brookline Village getting first hand information from the firefighters and investigating the trucks. We appreciate the Brookline Fire Department for taking the time to talk with the group. They are always so welcoming to the children.



Fall Fun: Although we have still been enjoying some very warm days. We celebrated the arrival of fall this month.  A group learned to make pumpkin Pom Poms, by using yarn, we used watercolors and coffee filters to fill the center of our apple outline to resemble stained glass. Another group painted trees and used bundles of Q-Tips dipped in paint to enhance them with leaves changing color. We learned about doodle art by using markers to decorate oak tag leaves. Some also tried a stencil art canvas by painted the canvas a color of their choice, following by sticking leaves from outside on top with spray adhesive, spraying them with gold paint and finally pulling off the leaves so you see the shape of them in the original background color. These are still a work in progress, but I am sure you will be seeing them soon if your child participated in this activity.



Halloween: The group loved the Halloween activities, especially the pumpkin spice slime! This was an activity that just about every child that attended LEDP that day wanted to do. We made beautiful watercolor spider webs, Q=tip skeletons, and sponge paint bats. Another very popular activity this week was monster cupcakes! Halloween day was celebrated by making popcorn ghosts as a treat, competing in a balance the eye ball on a spoon relay race, pumpkin painting and taking lots and lots of pictures at the 3rd grade photo board. Check those out in the LEDP room.



Gym and Outdoors Time: The group really thrives on their outdoor and gym time.  This month some of the popular games in the gym were variations of dodge ball, Cones up and Down, and the 4/5/6 group invited us to join them as well as the 2nd grade group in the gym for a big game of Swamp Ball.  Outdoors you can see the group dancing in the field, playing 4 Square, playing soccer, touch football, baseball or climbing on the structure.



Mentoring: Once a month we will be meeting with our 4/5/6 Mentors. This month we met the Friday before Halloween and made some Halloween related snack for the group.  The Mentors were so helpful making individual pumpkin patches with chocolate pudding cups and crushed Oreos as dirt. We also made monster mouths with apples slices, sun butter and mini marshmallows and candy corn cups with chunks of pineapple and tangerine slices topped with a little whipped cream. Everyone in the group was able to choose their favorite for snack! YUM!



Kindergarten Buddies: We may be training some future mentors by meeting with kindergarten and having the 3rd graders read to them followed by playing games. Both the kindergarten and 3rd grade seem to look forward to this time of collaboration


Notes and Reminders:


November: 10th- LEDP will be closed for Professional Development


November 14th and 29th are early dismissal days, LEDP will begin at the conclusion of the school day.


November 23rd and 24th _ LEDP closed for Thanksgiving break.


If your child will not be attending LEDP please let us know by sending and email to or leaving a message for us at 617-879-4379.


The weather is beginning to change, please be sure your child in prepared with the appropriate clothing for outdoor play.

November 2, 2017

Fire safety and Halloween

October 19. 2017

Yarn Pumpkins, Q-tip painting trees, coffee filter stained glass trees.