May 22, 2018

Art time

May 1, 2018

3rd Grade


Hope you all had a great vacation and are all geared up for the homestretch of the year. Can you believe we are actually talking about the end of the year, this one just flew by?



Still Waiting For spring: As we anxiously await the spring weather, we continued on with a few spring activities. A group made stain glass kites. With the anticipation of being able to fly some real kites of the field someday soon. Still waiting for spring… Another afternoon some of the group wrapped a rubber band around the center of a sponge so it resembled a butterfly then spotted paint on some of the sponge and stamped them onto paper, they all came out so well and so colorful. Still waiting for spring…..followed by craft stick and yarn butterflies, tissue paper and Modgepodge dragon flies and finally design our own rain boots that we mounted on a splashing puddle we made water color paint by blowing through a straw. All that and, we we’re still waiting for spring.



Boston Marathon: While learning some facts about the history and the course of the Boston Marathon we designed our own sneakers to use as decorations at our upcoming Walkathon. We used fabric paint to decorate lacing for either our sneakers or hiking boots; we also tie dyed socks and made our own trail mix balls for snack. As you would expect they either loved them or didn’t, but they really did enjoy making them! We culminated our marathon week with a visit from Lee Meclellan, who was running the Boston Marathon for the first time. He talked to the LEDP children about his training, what inspired him to run and that if they put their mind to it they could do anything they wanted. Also Lee reminded them of the importance of helping others. The group had lots of questions for Lee, which he patiently answered and we sent him on his way with a good luck wall hanging signed by all the children at LEDP. He will touch base with us after the race.



Early Dismissal Days: As we have done in the past on early dismissal we have been collaborating with 2nd grade to do some group activities. (More practice for our possible mentors of the future) We are really excited about the wall hanging the groups made together, each child decorating the 4 quarters of a circle in different designs. We then cut the circles into quarters and rearranged then on a neon green background. Check it out hanging on the wall in the LEDP room.  We also read a book titled, Children From Different Countries, and then used hand prints to resemble the flag of the country of their heritage to track on a world map. There are over 20 different countries represented on our map, also hanging in the LEDP room. Please take a look; the children are very proud of the finished product.



Reading Buddies: We are still enjoying our time with our kindergarten buddies.  Sharing books together, playing gym games and playing board games. Both groups seem to look forward to it every week.

April 28,2018

3rd grade activities

April 3, 2018

March came in like a lion after a beautiful February, but 3rd grade kept on smiling, kept a positive attitude and moved forward with lots of fun activities.


Iditarod: We began the month of March learning about the almost 1000 mile, “Last Great Race” being held in Alaska. We learned some of the history of the race, about the sport of dogsledding, some dogsledding terms and some geographical information about Alaska.  Each child and teacher selected a musher to follow throughout the race, using the official Iditarod website the LEDP so graciously subscribes to. On this website we were able to get standings with information about each musher and their adventure, see video’s on both the ceremonial start, the official start, videos and interviews along the trail and even were able to GPS our mushers to see their current locations, speed they are currently moving and their average speed.  We kept track of the weather in the location of the leader and some of the different awards given along the way. Every day during the race, the kiddos entered the room eager to see what was going on in the race, check on any updates about their musher, and share any information they had learned on their own time. This is a very popular unit in 3rd grade, those that have already passed through the group stop by to check on our board to see how the musher they had in the past is doing and the younger ones show interest in what we are doing and are already asking if we will do it again next year. Along with all this learning and tracking the race, we made marshmallow igloos, researched our mushers on the website and collected information to put on our camera snap shots which you can see in the back of the LEDP room. We made healthy dog muffins to take home for our pets, we gathered in small groups and built our own sleds and races them down a slope set up in the room. We ended our week of activities by creating our vision of the Northern Lights with watercolor painting followed by sponge art. They are beautiful!  Although we finished our week of activities, we continued follow the race until all of our mushers finished. It was important for us to instill in the group the race isn’t necessarily about winning the race for most, but as a personal challenge, sportsmanship and perseverance.


March Math Madness: This week we concentrated on math. We provided many different math games that the group don’t always play and encouraged them to learn how to play these new games and remind them that math can be fun.  We supported this with making cardboard cutouts of people holding a fraction wheel that demonstrated ways that we use math in our everyday life. They were all different; some used their zip code, how many siblings they had, their house number or phone number or their birthdate, some even used their sports jersey number or their favorite athletes. We introduced new games like, dominoes multiplication or fractions; place value Uno, and graph paper multiplication, math games that can be played with supplies that most of us already have in our homes.  We culminated our week with a math game elimination competition, much like the March Madness basketball tournament. Congratulations to Sadie and Elise for making their way to the finals through games of elimination and to Elise for being this year’s Math Madness Champion!


Group Activities and Teamwork: After having a discussion about the importance of teamwork; working together to reach a common goal, how everybody involved in a group project needs to listen to others input and share the work.  We did several teamwork based activities, some days having groups of children who don’t usually play together, collaborate to complete an activity.  Take a look at the beautiful board outside of the LEDP office; there you will see the sun and the moon. The children were paired up and each given one side of the painting to complete. To see them supporting each other to complete their side was gratifying. They were pretty impressed by the outcome of this painting and are very proud of their work.  We also did something called Mystery bags. Each group was given a brown bag with random supplies in them and a different challenge card ( you are stranded in Antarctica, build something to get yourself home, or you are pet sitting for your friends fish who wants to see what it is like to live outside his fishbowl, build something to help him safely do that.) The small groups of children were very creative and had to opportunity to share their creation with the group. Another day, they were broken into groups of 5/6 and given foil, small dowels in multiple sizes, duct tape and a marble, Their challenge as a group was to build a marble run. They really enjoyed this and were disappointed when we ran out of time.  We think they would have worked on this for hours it time allowed. We got creative as an entire group by all designing our own long strips of cardstock that we combined to make a weaved art display. We concluded our teamwork activities by doing an activity called Save Sam. Each group was given a clear cup overturn with a gummy lifesaver underneath (these thing represented Sam’s overturned boat covering his life preserver) Sam was a gummy worm sitting on top of the capsized boat. The challenge was to help Sam get back into his life jacket and boat without letting him fall into the water because he can’t swim. In addition, you were not allowed to touch anything with your hands, the only tool you have in two paperclips. It was interesting to see the two children in the group come up with different strategies to help Sam. Some were successful and some were not, but the objective was teamwork so the end result wasn’t really important.


Spring: With the hopes of some spring like weather, our group engaged in spring activities. We began with beauty of spring, making pop up tulips, and eraser top dandelions. We also made clay tablet gardens, using different kinds of pasta to shape our flowers and outdoor scene.


Mentoring: As a follow up to our unit on teamwork, when our mentors visited with our group this month they did two games with us that required working together. One was “On the Line”.  For this game all of the children received a number and stood on a line in the gym. The object for them was to get them self into numerical order without getting off the line. The second game was called Mind Field. There were multiple colored dots across the floor; the mentors had the solution to getting across. Each child was given a chance to cross the mine field, if you stepped on the wrong colored; the next person gave it a try, it was important for the children to support each other to reach the other side. 3rd grade really enjoys spending time with their mentors and are also looking forward to having the opportunity to be mentors when move on to the 4/5/6 group.


Kindergarten Reading Buddies: We are still spending time on Tuesday afternoon reading with our kindergarten friends. Recently we have been following our reading with active games in the gym. This has been a great collaboration for the two groups and great training for our “future LEDP Mentors”




April Early Dismissal Dates:  April 4th, April 10th and April 25th.  School dismissal is 12:40 and LEDP begins immediately afterwards.

April Vacation: LEDP will be open during April vacation, April 17th -20th for those registered to attend vacation care.   Emails went out with the details of the week.   If you need care, please fill out the permission slips and return as soon as you can.  

Re-Enrollment:  It’s re-enrollment time for LEDP!  If you are planning on having your child/ren in the program, now’s the time to re-enroll.    Emails have gone out! 

March 27, 2018

Teamwork: Saving Sam, Sun/Moon, Mystery bags, Marble run.  Math about Me.

March 19, 2018

We are very busy!

March 11, 2018

Iditarod Activities.  Northern Lights and Reading with Kindergarten buddies.

March 6, 2018

3rd Newsletter


Another month of fun filled activities for the 3rd grade!


Olympics: With the Olympic commencing in PyeongChang the 3rd graders were very exciting about participating in some fun activities with the Olympics in mind. We opened our own games by all getting online and finding a country flag they could be reproduced in an art activity. The flags chosen are hanging from the rafters in the large LEDP room. The group did a great job! We also made Olympic laurel wreaths that symbolize victory and honor in the ancient Olympic Games when there were no gold, silver or bronze medals given to winning athletes. Other afternoons we made pipe cleaner skiers or snowboarders and had a ski jump completion from jumpers made with straws. Active activities were achieved by playing floor hockey and speed skating on paper plates on our feet in the gym. We also divided into teams and played a snowball ring toss game. The group had many discussions about the events at the Olympics and representatives of different countries in events.


Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day activities included making a heart tree using hand prints as the branches on the tree and fingers print hearts as leaves. The kids always love being able to get a little messy and get hands on with the paints. Some of the group made Model Magic magnets with heart shapes pressed into them in a heart shape made with their fingerprints; after they hardened they chose which color to paint their heart. Some of them are probably hanging on your refrigerators right now. We ended our valentine activities by making heart shape fleece tie off pillows. The group that chose to make these did an amazing job and really took their time and were diligent about getting them just the way they wanted.


Group Project: Using small canvases taped off with painters tape, the group was given 4 colors to paint their canvas with. Every canvas was taped differently so when finished and untapped we had many pieces we could put together to make a bulletin board mural. Check it out in the LEDP room. The teachers in 3rd grade think this is an important skill to practice. It is always great to see how well the group works together to reach a common goal.


Science: Our group loves science! This month we made CD hovercrafts Learned how animals stay warm plunging our hand, first in cold water the covering our hand with a plastic glove covered with Crisco, placed in a plastic bag and then plunged back into the icy cold water. The Crisco acts like the blubber on an animal and demonstrates how it is warmer with the “blubber” than without. We also learned about moisture filling clouds and causing a rainstorm by using shaving cream to represent the cloud and dropping neon color paint into the cloud. Once the cloud filled with moisture it rained into our mason jar. We had so many laughs during these three experiments; it is such a fun way to learn.


Reading Buddies: 3rd grade continues to meet with the kindergarten group as reading buddies. Upon finishing reading with spend time playing together, sometimes with the manipulative and games in the cafeteria and sometimes playing games in the gym. This month we played Simon Says, Museum, Cat and Mouse, Have You Ever?, Dress the snowman and helicopter, Windows and Doors and exercise numbers and colors.  Both groups are enjoying this weekly collaboration.


Mentoring: Our activity with our 4/5/6 mentors this month was enjoyed by all. We made beautiful mandalas with fresh flowers. We look forward to what our March mentors bring to the 3rd grade group.


Notes: March 30th~ Good Friday. School closed LEDP open for those registered for the day. Information coming soon.