April 10, 2020

Fun exercises

Hi first graders!
We hope you had fun doing our scavenger hunt this week with your family and watching Jackie doing tricks with her dog Olaf🐶
We thought you would like to do some fun exercises using your name, a character name, family member’s name or any words you want to spell out doing these exercises!
K. March like toy soldier counting to 12
A  jump up and down 10 times
R. Walk like a bear count to 5
E. Walk like a bear count to 5
N. Pick up a ball without using your hands
L pretend to jump rope count to 20
E. Walk like a bear count to 5
D. Run to the nearest door and run back
P. Walk sideways 30 steps and hop back
Have fun and keep moving! Karen and Jackie 

April 8, 2020

Jackie at Home

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April 5, 2020

Scavenger Hunt

Hi First Grade!
We hope you are having fun doing our activities with your family! We miss you, love hearing from you and seeing the photos you are sending to Mary showing all the fun activities you are doing at home! 
We thought you would have fun doing this outdoor scavenger hunt with your family!   You can use your sense of sight, touch and sound to find these items. We know you all enjoy exploring nature and can’t wait to hear about your adventure!
Have fun!
Karen and Jackie 

April 2, 2020

Roll and add/subtract Math game

Hi first grade, 


I hope everyone had a great week! Have you been keeping yourselves busy with the activities that we post? Well....I know the LEDP teachers miss you and have been planning great activities for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a math game you can play with your parents, a sibling or caregiver. 


Roll and add/subtract Math game



-One pair of dice 

-1 pencil

-1 piece of paper 

-clip board (only if you have one)


How to play:


Roll both dice. Count the number of dots on each dice. Then write both numbers on the paper separating them with an addition (+) or subtraction (-) sign followed by an equal (=) sign. Once you have your equation add or subtract both numbers and solve the math problem. Repeat several times until you fill your paper. 


Good luck and Have fun!

Jackie and Karen 😊

April 1, 2020

Giraffes don't dance

March 31, 2020


Here is a Reading Bingo game you can play with your family! Have fun!

March 29, 2020

Hello first grade


I hope you are all doing well! I was home trying to think of a fun, healthy and yummy activity for you to try with your parents or caregivers. So I came up with....



Smoothie popsicles or cubes





-1 blender


-popsicle mold or ice cube tray





-1 ripe banana


-Ripe Strawberries


-Yogurt (any flavor)


Tip: you can use any fruits of your choice.



Remove the tops of the strawberries then put them into the blender with the banana and yogurt. Blend the ingredients together and pour it into the popsicle mold or ice cube tray. Freeze it for 3-4 hrs. and enjoy!



Please send pictures, I would love to hear if you enjoyed this treat.



Remember to be patient and have fun! 😋


Jackie, Karen and Allison


March 26, 2020

Lego Challenge

Hi 1st graders!
We hope you are having fun with your family during this time at home!  We miss you and thought you would love to do this challenge. We know how much you love to build with LEGOs during our Ledp day so we thought this would be fun to do with your family at home!  This is your time to get creative doing the various daily challenges, we know you will build amazing structures each day! 
Have fun and send photos!
Karen and Jackie 

March 24, 2020

Homemade Puzzle

Hi first graders!
I hope you and your families are all doing well.😊 I thought of a fun activity that you might want to try since it is important that we keep busy and stay active. It’s making your own puzzle! I’m sure that you will enjoy it, especially since you are  all so creative.
Materials you will need:
1. One piece of cardboard (any size you like)
2. 1 pair of scissors
3. Crayons or markers
Draw a picture of something you like on the cardboard using crayons or makers. It can be flowers, a pet or a toy. Then cut the cardboard into 20 or 25 medium size pieces (although you can cut as many pieces as you would like). Once it’s cut, mix the puzzle pieces and then try to put it back together!
This is a great activity to do with your family or caretakers.
Have fun and send pictures!
Jackie, Karen and Alis

March 23, 2020


Hi first graders :) 

Jackie, Allison and I miss you all so much.   We hope you are keeping busy at home with your families, but more importantly, staying healthy.  We have been thinking of some activities for you to do at home that may be fun, even though we can't be together in LEDP.   
We enjoy sharing science experiments with you during our afternoons in LEDP. As you remember, we've made a snowstorm in a jar, a Hurricane and a galaxy.    Today, let's "FLOAT MY BOAT".   
The materials you need are:
~deep bowl, or pot with water
~aluminum foil
~pennies, or marbles, or cubes 
Before you begin, make sure parents allow you to experiment.  
  1. Directions:

    1. Shape a piece of aluminum foil into a boat shape.

    2. Float the foil on water.

    3. Add pennies until the boat sinks.

    4. Count the number of pennies the boat held.

    5. With a new sheet of foil, redesign the boat  and repeat test.

    6. Record the number of pennies held and ask mom/dad to take a picture with you and the boat and send to LEDP.

      Have Fun and we can't wait to see the final products.    I'll send along another fun activity on Wednesday .  

Karen, Jackie and Alison