April 10, 2020

A message from Janet

April 6, 2020

Positive Messages

     Positive messages are what are going to help us get through these long days. When I was out for a walk the other day I noticed people had written messages in chalk on the sidewalks in front of their houses or apartment buildings. I have also seen on social media other towns are also doing the same.  Imagine how uplifting it would be for a hospital worker, first responder (police, fire, EMT) the people working at the pharmacy, the grocery stores, those volunteering to help others or just your neighbors out for a walk in the fresh air to get some exercise.  I know it would make me feel better, happy and inspired to see these kinds of messages on my walk.  You never know what people are feeling inside, seeing a message like this could be the best part of their day.  It only takes a few minutes to let others know they appreciated and that we are in this together.


       Posted below are some of the things I have seen.  We would love to see what you do. Send us a picture of your positive message.


Miss seeing your smiling faces.




April 3, 2020

Friday Activity



                                           How to Play Around the Clock


You will need: A deck of cards


Place the cards in a circle like the face of a clock. Place 1 card in the middle to make the 13th pile. Then keep going round until you have 1 card left. Each of the 12 piles around the clock face should have 4 cards in the 13th pile should have 3 in.


Each pile should represent a number; aces become number 1, Jacks = 11 and Queens = 12. The pile in the middle is for the Kings.


Turn your remaining card over and place it next to the corresponding place in the circle.


Next pick up a new card from that number’s pile


If you turn over a King then that goes into the middle pile and you pick up from there.


As with a lot card games it sounds a lot more complicated than it is, so give it try!


The object of the game is to try and place all the cards in their correct places before you find all the kings.




March 31, 2020

Listening carefully



Sometimes when you play, it is important to listen to who you are playing with.  Listening is a great skill that will be helpful in almost everything you do. This is a fun way to work on your listening skills.




You will both need a piece of paper, something to draw with and a clipboard or something with a hard surface to lean on.


1.          Sit back to back with your partner


2.         One of the players draws a picture on their paper


3.         Then, using their words, they describe their picture step by step to their partner (try to be clear)


4.        The partner needs to listen carefully to the directions, ask questions if necessary


  And draw the picture. (No peeking)


5.         Compare your pictures, how were  your partners directions and your listening skills


6.         Give your partner a turn


7.         If it was too easy, try again doing a more detailed drawing






You will both need the same amount of Lego or blocks (you both have to have the same Lego or blocks, sizes, shapes, colors)


1.          Sit back to back with partner


2.         One of the partners builds something with either the blocks or Lego


3.         Then they describe their structure, step by step to their partner (try to be clear)


4.        The partner needs to listen carefully to the directions, ask questions if necessary


And build the structure by just listening, (no peeking)


5.         Compare your structures, how were your partners directions and your listening skills


6.         Give your partner a turn


    7.         If it was too easy, try building a more complex structure and try again                                                                                       


March 29, 2020

Art Show

March 26, 2020

Keep Moving

March 24, 2020

Ziplock/Pencil Experiment (water experiment)

Hi  LEDP Friends,
I hope everybody is doing well, and finding lots of fun things to keep themselves busy and are enjoying the time spent with your families. All of your LEDP teachers are working hard to find fun and exciting things to help you occupy your time and maybe learn something new at the same time.
I saw this science experiment that looked fun! Give it a try and let me know how it goes. As always ask the adults in your house before you experiment. 
Miss seeing your smiles everyday,




Ziplock bag




Food coloring (optional)


1.     Begin by filling a sealable bag with water (if you want add a few drops of food coloring) Seal the bag securely


2.     Have someone hold up bag as you push pencils through the bag  (surprise! the water won’t leak)


3.     Do not pull the pencils out until you are over a sink of pail, the water will shoot out.




*** This happens because the bag is polymer. Polymer is made of   long chains of flexible molecules. When the pencil is poked through, the flexible molecules move to allow the pencil to pass through and form a seal around the pencil.

March 22, 2020

Fun with Fruit

Hi everybody, 
I am sure like everybody else with all this extra time, you may sitting around eating way too much junk food, so let's have fun with fruit and make ourselves some healthy snacks.
Turtle snack: slice a green apple in half and place flat side down on your plate, add a few grapes for legs, maybe a few chocolate chips as eyes and Yum , you have a quick easy healthy snack. 
Fruit pizza snack:Spread a thin layer of  vanilla or plain yogurt on a Ritz or similar cracker, top your "pizza" with your favorite chopped or sliced fruit toppings. Crunchy and sweet!
Gold fish snack:  Use either and orange or a clementine, (which is sometimes easier for kids to peel) peel it, separate in half. place one half flat side down on your plate, pull the other section apart in to segments and arrange as tail and fins. Enjoy!
Have fun and send us some pictures :). 
Miss you all everyday.

March 19, 2020

Yummy Treat Activity

Hi Everyone, 


While many things in our lives are  different right now, some things don't change:  IT IS STILL SPRING! The weather report is calling for warm weather on Friday afternoon and we thought a little spring treat was well deserved by all of you. Please see attachments for 2 easy recipes, which will help you work on your science and math skills. 



Please be sure we are thinking of you and your families everyday and talking among the staff about ways we can reach out to you with  support and fun activities, We miss you and are looking forward to seeing you all when we get back. 



Best of health to you all





* Science - Salt in the bag causes the ice to melt. When salt and ice mix the freezing point of the ice is lowered and the freezing point depends on how much salt is used. ... the shaking moves the warmer cream mixture from the inside to the outside of the bag, so it can freeze evenly. 


* Math skills - Measurement and time


** Half and Half is ideal for these recipes, but it can be substitute with whole milk..