Highlight of the Week [1/23-1/27]

Back by popular demand..... SLIME!!!


We had many, many request to make slime so we were so happy to get the ball rolling on this much anticipated project! We are hoping to try various recipes over the course of the next few weeks... next up, Cloud Slime!


This weeks recipe!




5 ounces of Elmers glue

1/4 teaspoon of Borax

1 cup warm water

Shaving Foam


1.) Pour 5 oz glue in bowl and mix 1/4 cup of water.

2.) In separate bowl, mix 1/4 tsp of Borax powder into 1/2 cup of warm water. Mix well.

3.) Add shaving cream to glue mixture. The more shaving cream the fluffier the slime. 

4.) Add 4-6 drops of food coloring if desired. 

4.) Add activator solution (Borax & warm water) to glue mixture 1 tsp at a time until you reach your desired texture. Stir often- be careful not to add too much activator- will become firm.


We had so much fun making and playing with slime. With the mess were a lot of laughs! Stay tuned for out next slimy activity!

Highlight of the Weeks [1/9-1/20]

With the unpredictable weather, 4/5 has enjoyed some longer inside time, revisiting some of our classic LEDP games!


The last couple of weeks we've really enjoyed playing the classic game, Spoons! There are always lots of laughs and tons of anticipation waiting for who will grab the spoon first! It is such a perfect game to play in the afternoon, as we can have a ton of friends playing at a time! We've also had tons of playing, Heads Up! We can't help but laugh answering silly questions and doing our best not to spill the beans with a risky clue!\


We've also pickup up Werewolf, after a bit of a hiatus, which  we also really enjoy with such a large group! 4/5 has become quite the experts at the very important Moderator  role!



If you haven't tried either of these games, we highly recommend them for a Family Night in!


Highlight of the Week [12/19-12/22]



4/5 had the best time creating their gingerbread houses! With an assortment of yummy treats like pretzels squares, candy canes, M&M's and wafer cookies our architects lined their roofs with candy shingles, and candy cane walkways. They made pretzel windows and created graham cracker mazes for rooms. We had so much fun jamming out to holiday music and swapping plans for break! What a perfect way to end 2022 together!


We can't wait to see what 2023 has in store!


Happy New Year to our LEDP families!

Highlights of the Week [12/12-12/16]

Mentoring and Nerd Club continue to be a huge highlight in 4/5; each week our mentors and members of Nerd club are excited for their respective clubs. On this weeks adventure, we learned that in Nerd Club they received the ability to breath underwater... but later encountered a scary octopus! Did their new abilities work in our team's favor? I suppose we'll have to wait until next week to see!


In mentoring we created 3D Polar Bears with 2nd grade. Our mentors did a wonderful job walking our friends through each step, offering both patience and fun banter along the way. It was amazing to see the meaningful connections 4/5 is making with their mentees!  


Other highlights this week were our continuous tournaments in board games- chess, Bananagrams, Scategories & Stratego. Our fifth graders also had an so much fun bringing in a game they learned in mentoring- Back-to-Back Pictionary. Each artist has a piece of paper in front of them, often placed on their friends back. The person last in line creates an image one step at a time, as friends in front of them do their best to copy what they are feeling on their backs. The objective of the game is to see if all three drawings will look the same. Needless to say, the final results were tons of laughs and very different artwork!


Highlight of the Week [11/28-12/2]

In lieu of the World Cup, 4/5 has really gotten in the spirit of tournaments and what it's like to show good sportsmanship! They're favorite games thus far is Stratego and Bananagrams! Aaron & Irene have also joined in on the Bananagram craze, and it's amazing to see how creative our friends are with their word boards! We love to see them shake hands and with an added, "great job," at the end of rounds! 4/5 also played their first round of Capture the Flag this year and absolutely loved it! It's such a different pace then any other gym game and we love to see how they work together and strategize how to capture that flag!

Highlight of the Week [11/14-11/18]



4/5 artists took their time and had lots of fun creating botanical inspired line drawings. They used watercolors of varying hues- a standard tempura pallet, some metallic- all the while mixing and blending colors to create their final products. What we thought would be a one day project, led to three consecutive days of painting! With the time change it has been a nice change of pace to have some time to sit down and create some art together! 

Highlight of the Week [10/31-11/4]

Our mentors had a blast with 3rd grade with, "Cookie Monster," and "Back-to Back Pictionary," especially with special guests: Mary, Sam and Bridget!


Cookie Monster: Each contestant will sit down in a chair as a mentor places a cookie on their forehead. The objective is to try and move the cookie into their mouths without using their hands! To say silly faces were made is a huge understatement!


Back-to Back Pictionary: There will be three 3rd graders lined up in a row with a blank piece of paper taped to their backs. The 3rd grader in the back will blindly pick a piece of paper with something they must draw step by step. With each step, the friend in front of them will mimic what they feel on their back and draw it on the piece of paper in that is front of them. The objective of the game is to see if all three pictures match!


Sam was the only one to succeed in Cookie Monster... but I think a yummy treat for trying along with a load of laughs made everyone winners!

Highlight of the Week [10/24-10/28]




For this week's Snapshot we wanted to give a real shout out to our crew of Lego legends- Aiden, Kai, Gerard, Luke and Henry! They have spent the last few weeks creating, dismantling, reworking, rebuilding, renaming and re-imagining  a world of their own! One of flying vessels and massive skyscrapers... with hero's and villain's that move through a metropolis  that is inspired solely on the workings and magic of their ships!


Each day the story builds alongside their dreamworld and we truly cannot wait to see what our Legends come up with next!

Highlights of the Week [10/17-10/21]

Mentoring is well underway and we're so excited that we have 24 mentors joining the program this year! This is the largest group to date and with three activities under their belt, Irene is thrilled to see all the energy and enthusiasm each mentor is bringing to the table! Please, check for weekly photos of mentors in action in the Peer Mentoring section!


With much anticipation Sam has announced the final lucky seven chosen for Nerd Club! Every Friday the club will meet from 2:00-4:30 for the popular role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons!

Nerd Club 2022-2023:


Genevieve G.






4/5 Jumps Right In

Let's Make Slime!

Gingerbread Houses!

Botanical Line Drawing & Watercolors

Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work