Highlight of the Week [11/14-11/18]



4/5 artists took their time and had lots of fun creating botanical inspired line drawings. They used watercolors of varying hues- a standard tempura pallet, some metallic- all the while mixing and blending colors to create their final products. What we thought would be a one day project, led to three consecutive days of painting! With the time change it has been a nice change of pace to have some time to sit down and create some art together! 

Highlight of the Week [10/31-11/4]

Our mentors had a blast with 3rd grade with, "Cookie Monster," and "Back-to Back Pictionary," especially with special guests: Mary, Sam and Bridget!


Cookie Monster: Each contestant will sit down in a chair as a mentor places a cookie on their forehead. The objective is to try and move the cookie into their mouths without using their hands! To say silly faces were made is a huge understatement!


Back-to Back Pictionary: There will be three 3rd graders lined up in a row with a blank piece of paper taped to their backs. The 3rd grader in the back will blindly pick a piece of paper with something they must draw step by step. With each step, the friend in front of them will mimic what they feel on their back and draw it on the piece of paper in that is front of them. The objective of the game is to see if all three pictures match!


Sam was the only one to succeed in Cookie Monster... but I think a yummy treat for trying along with a load of laughs made everyone winners!

Highlight of the Week [10/24-10/28]




For this week's Snapshot we wanted to give a real shout out to our crew of Lego legends- Aiden, Kai, Gerard, Luke and Henry! They have spent the last few weeks creating, dismantling, reworking, rebuilding, renaming and re-imagining  a world of their own! One of flying vessels and massive skyscrapers... with hero's and villain's that move through a metropolis  that is inspired solely on the workings and magic of their ships!


Each day the story builds alongside their dreamworld and we truly cannot wait to see what our Legends come up with next!

Highlights of the Week [10/17-10/21]

Mentoring is well underway and we're so excited that we have 24 mentors joining the program this year! This is the largest group to date and with three activities under their belt, Irene is thrilled to see all the energy and enthusiasm each mentor is bringing to the table! Please, check for weekly photos of mentors in action in the Peer Mentoring section!


With much anticipation Sam has announced the final lucky seven chosen for Nerd Club! Every Friday the club will meet from 2:00-4:30 for the popular role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons!

Nerd Club 2022-2023:


Genevieve G.






What September Brought Us

⅘ has really taken off running! It has been such a welcomed change of pace as we fall closer into “normalcy.” It’s been two years since we’ve had a full group and it is so wonderful to see how the new group is melding together and easing into our routines. 


Some major ⅘ highlights:


Back by popular demand, we have offered a whole group game called Werewolf! It is an interactive role playing game that involves lots of strategy and instinct! An epic game that pits villagers against werewolves in all attempts to keep The Town of St. Lawrencesburg safe! Fifth graders have really stepped up to become game moderator, a major role that assigns roles, keeps the game on track and acts as a mediator during village debates!


In attempts to get to know each other we started the first week with Would You Rather and offered them the task of lining up without talking from youngest to oldest. We learned this group would rather spend the day at the zoo than the museum, would rather play in the snow than the sunshine and would rather have the ability to fly over being able to breathe underwater!


⅘ love building with Legos, playing fooseball in the LEDP room and Doctor Dodgeball in the gym! More than anything else, they love playing together outside- whether it’s an epic Four Square tournament or a huge game of Manhunt! 


We are taking advantage of Mother Nature’s warmth and spending most of our time outside! Stay tuned as Peer Mentoring starts up next month!


😀 Irene & Aaron

4/5 Jumps Right In

Botanical Line Drawing & Watercolors

Teamwork Makes the Dreams Work