October 10, 2021

Yoga and paper airplanes

October 10, 2021

Comic Books

October 1, 2021

Calming Bottles, and Pablo Picasso

September 28, 2021

Van Gogh Starry Night Activity

September 23, 2021


September 20, 2021


Welcome back! It is great to have everybody back and see the children enjoying both activities   and socializing with friends.  This is something we have all missed over the many months we were apart.  Of course, we are still taking the necessary safety protocols, masks, socially distancing when needed and doing our best to eat snack outdoors and get as much outdoor time as we can when the weather cooperates.


Now that some of the 2nd and 3rd graders have begun receiving homework assignments, we begin our day in the cafeteria with approximately a half hour of either homework or time to get their classroom required reading done. Then we pack it up and head outside to the front benches and have snack and listen to a teacher read aloud. We are currently reading 


The Lightening Thief. Then it is off to the playground, for some free play and organized group games.



In the first few weeks of LEDP the 2/3rd graders have:


·       Played  many board games, some old favorites and are learning  some new ones. One of the new favorites is Battleship, it is so gratifying for the staff when they see the few children that they have taught to play, teaching others.


·       Origami has been another popular activity! We are impressed with the folding skills of some of the children and the determination of others to improve their own skills.


·       Kickball has been a group game that the entire group has participated in, as well as  the games; Red Light, Green Light, Museum, relay races and the most requested game Fishy, Fishy, Cross My Ocean. Pictionary, Guess the Word, Headbands as well as played with an oversized Jenga game are played in smaller groups.  The group is improving their skills of listening to direction, being patient while others learn, and teamwork.


·       Choice  is a time where children can play with the many manipulatives and building materials we have available: Magnet tiles, block, geoblocks, bristle blocks, etc.



We are looking forward to doing many more great activities, including art and science in the coming weeks.  We have an enthusiastic, energetic group of 2nd and 3rd grades and are looking forward to a lot of fun afternoons.


LEDP children NEED to bring a snack daily.  LEDP does not serve snack this year. 


2/3 LEDP Team